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  1. Volkswagen ID.3
    Hi all - I’ve searched high and low for a solution that would allow me to use my ID3 as a reliable source of AC electricity to run a few things in my house (I’ll never need more than 150Wh - the majority of times I’ll only need about 40-45Wh) Here’s what I’ve tried: - Switched the 20A fuse to...
  2. Volkswagen ID.3
    One of the most frequently asked questions out there is: can I run a power inverter from the boot socket to power my house? I had the same question and many more, so, after weeks of experimenting, I realised I should share my findings here. 1. Can the socket in the boot run with the car off...
  3. ID.4 Modifications
    I bought a new camera to install on my ID4 and there is not front 12v power. Has anyone added one to their car in the front, and if so do you have info on what you did? Im thinking something like this 12v and USBA
1-3 of 3 Results