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  1. Car-Net
    Car-net still not working after 1 1/2 months. Doesn’t work in the car, doesn’t work on the app. VW had the car in, claim they need to repair/replace a unit under the backseat of the car (need to take everything apart). Waiting at least 2 weeks for them to get the new unit. This is now going on...
  2. Volkswagen ID.4
    In the Car-Net app I was looking at the, "Buy Plans" section and reading the very short description of the Safe & Secure service for $99 a year (to start). So, does this Safe & Secure product have anything to do with the little "SOS" button in the overhead? Up to now, I thought the SOS button...
  3. Volkswagen ID.4
    Last night I connected Carnet to my Alexa and try to use the specific commands that are listed there for the ID.4 I couldn't get any of them to work. Has anyone had any luck getting them to work since they've added the ID.4 to the skill?
  4. Car-Net
    Having been a long time Volkswagen and Audi fan, I’m really disappointed in the ID.4 car-net app. I’m not able to track the vehicle, turn headlights on or off, or lock or unlock the car. Does anyone know when he’s features are going to be available?
  5. Car-Net
    I have been trying to connect to car-net off and on all day, with no luck at all. The app was not talking to the car, so I reinstalled the app, and now it work sign in at all. The car says it cant connect. Three different browsers and 2 different devices get either 504 or 404 errors when I...
  6. Volkswagen ID.4
    Has anybody else had car-net missing from their menu as well as not having siriusxm as radio channel options (only have FM and Internet radio options). Dealer sent a video of another vehicle with the satellite radio selection as well as car-net and my id.4 doesn't have either. Not sure if this...
  7. Car-Net
    I have declined the invitation to a 5 year "free" Car-Net service because the privacy statement asks me to agree on the terms that it will share my information and driving behaviors to third-party people. I don't see the advantage of the "free" things adds much value to my selling my driving...
1-7 of 7 Results