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  1. myVW
    Have a brand new VW Tiguan and Car-Net is not working . Havent had much support from dealership and filed a complaint to VW USA. Looking at this groups to get some ideas on how to get this working
  2. myVW
    I am trying to understand CarNet and what is needed for connectivity to an ID.4. 1. Are software updates done automatically, perhaps via wifi when the car is parked at "home"? 2. What connectivity is needed for things like remote cool down of the car cabin? 3. What connectivity is needed for...
  3. myVW
    Just picked up our new ID4 on Friday, but immediately went out of town on vacation, so today is our first day really playing around with it. I've downloaded the myVW app to my Pixel 6, but when I try to add my car to the "garage", I get an error that my car is not equipped with VP Car-Net...
  4. myVW
    I've been having a problem recently with CarNet (OK, there are many, but this one is new). Trying to climatize the ID.4 remotely fails. I get a notice that I should try again in a few minutes, and of course, there's no change in a few minutes. What's interesting is that I can remotely change...
1-4 of 4 Results