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  1. Volkswagen ID.4
    Happened yesterday at around 1500 miles mark. Got my AWD Pro S a month back. Great vehicle!! Got the harrowing yellow electrical system not working correctly please service error. No issues with driving or anything I can tell. Car drives fine. Thought it would go away overnight like many ppl...
  2. Volkswagen ID.4
    Hi there! MY partner and I drove from Seattle to Houston for the holidays in our ID.4 and had almost zero issues until 2.5 weeks ago when we got a yellow “Electrical system not working correctly. Please service vehicle” error. My partner took it to the nearby VW dealership and it took a day but...
  3. Volkswagen ID.4
    This afternoon when I started my car I got alert that my electric system was not functioning properly and I need to have car serviced. After I stopped for an errand and restarted the car after 20 minutes the alert was no longer there! Has anybody experienced this issue with id.4?
1-3 of 3 Results