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  1. The VW ID.3 is "far away to be ready for the market"

    2020+ VW I.D. Series General Discussion Forum
    According to a report from Suddeutsche Zeitung things continue to be rough for Volkswagen with the ID.3. It's apparently reached the point where things seems desperate. VW is apparently looking to solve its software woes for the ID.3 by forming a partnership with Daimler and BMW. Here's how...
  2. Volkswagen ID.3 Cost Compared With Combustion Engine Car

    2020+ VW I.D. Series General Discussion Forum
    Volkswagen released some interesting information that shows how much the cost of owning an ID.3 compares to owning an ICE car. Their conclusion is that the total cost of ownership (TCO) of BEVs will be lower than ICE, which is to be expected. Here's how VW breaks it down.
  3. VW produced 50 ID.3s in 2019

    2020+ VW I.D. Series Dealers, Prices And Orders
    Volkswagen Group released their summary of 2019 and according to their numbers they produced only 50 ID.3s, which is staggeringly low given how much demand there is for the car.