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  1. 2020+ Volkswagen ID Series News
    The ID. series will eventually bleed into all aspects of VW business as the company's head of sales and marketing tells the media that the future of R GmbH is electric. "The future of R needs to be, and will be, electric,” Stackmann told Top Gear in an interview. “We’re still working on what we...
  2. 2020+ Volkswagen ID Series News
    Volkswagen is taking on Mercedes' F1 car, by challenging their record at the Sonoma Festival of Speed this spring. The ID.R will have to round the 2.52-mile track in just 1:15.430. That's the time set by Esteban Gutierrez in Mercedes' championship-winning 2016 F1 car. That time was set last year...
1-2 of 2 Results