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  1. Volkswagen ID.4
    I used to see my mobile contacts in Arabic characters on the car's screen, but suddenly started to see squares instead of Arabic letters! Tried to unpair and pair again the mobile with no luck. also tried another mobile phone, same issue. Any thoughts please? Thanks
  2. Volkswagen ID.4
    Hi all, I just got a new iPhone and although I was able to pair the Bluetooth with the car, it won’t work with CarPlay. I hit the App Connect button and it just won’t connect. My previous iPhone worked fine. Has anyone had this same issue?
  3. Charging, Batteries, and Charging Networks
    Hello ID.4 community, I am a new member and am really excited to get in the weeds of ID.4 talk. I have a passion for the EV community and was really looking for a place to communicate with other users. From reading through a few posts, I am sure I have found a helpful community and am really...
  4. Volkswagen ID.4
    My wife usually keeps her iPhone in her purse when driving and has complained that if the info screen is not on the phone screen there is no easy way to hang up her call. And since her phone is buried in her purse, asking siri to hang up doesn't really work. Are we missing something with this?
  5. Volkswagen ID.4
    I see that others on this forum have reported similar issues, but I am not finding much in the way of actionable responses, so I am starting a new thread. I have had my ID.4 FE for about two months now, and I am very happy with it. But I am having trouble trying to figure out the best way to...
  6. Volkswagen ID.4
    Can a handsfree iPhone call be initiated thru the steering wheel talk button or the "Hello ID" command? I am currently making calls by clicking on the phone icon inside of Apple CarPlay. Is there a voice activated way of doing this?
1-6 of 6 Results