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  1. Charging, Batteries, and Charging Networks
    Hi all! Hopefully picking up from the dealer this evening and have a question for down the road... I have access to 7 free L2 chargers (11 total plugs) less than 2 miles from my house and an EA about 9-10 miles away. With access to all of that free charging, do you think it is necessary to have...
  2. Charging, Batteries, and Charging Networks
    I live in a three-unit condominium building which was constructed in 1900 and has 100amp electrical service for the entire building (three separate electrical panels and one house panel). Based upon the recommendation of a couple of local electricians that we would have enough capacity in our...
  3. Charging, Batteries, and Charging Networks
    So level 2 charging question. I want to understand how this car adapts itself to the various amperage systems it is plugged into. How does the car know what Level 2 amperage it is plugged into and how does it adapt dynamically? Let's say I have a dryer plug shared with the car - I turn on the...
1-3 of 3 Results