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  1. ID.4 Modifications
    The steering wheel radio station buttons-pressing "up" arrow moves the station down and visa versa. Has anyone seen that reversed so that it is intuitive?
  2. Volkswagen ID.4
    Hello all, New ID.4 owner here and I've been browsing your forums a lot recently. Very helpful for a lot of my new questions, so thanks! Something I've noticed with my ID.4 that I'm hoping to change is when the radio turns off. I find that if i go driving around with the radio on, park, open...
  3. Volkswagen ID.4
    Welp here I am very upset and disappointed. My ID 4's screen just died and I'm two hours from home. To add insult to injury the next available appointment isn't until aug 6. This dealer has been nothing but problems. So has the screen on my car. I'm upset.
1-3 of 3 Results