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  1. Volkswagen ID.4
    Hi. I want to put my bike in the trunk of my ID.4 Pro S. Is there a way to easily remove that piece that creates privacy in the trunk? And once I remove it, can I easily put it back on? Thanks!
  2. For Sale
    My wife has finished a stashbag specifically designed for the trunk of the ID 4. The bag will fit in either the left or right side and includes a clip on so it will stay secure in the rear for the vehicle. The bag also includes a handy bottle opener. Here is a quick video of the Stashbag in...
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  3. Volkswagen ID.4
    Is it possible to add power liftgate to Pro myself? It’s fine not to have the sensor for auto open, but wonder whether it’s possible to install the liftgate.
  4. Volkswagen ID.4
    Hello All, I'm having an issue with my ID4 FE (3 months owning, issues since the first week) and took it to the dealer once and they were no help. They said they reset something, and it worked while I was at the dealer, but not once I was home. Video showing what it does: Issue is, when you...
  5. Volkswagen ID.4
    I was looking around the posts and did not see this question as yet. I have the ID4 First Edition, which has the power trunk / liftgate. My problem is that the liftgate opens up too high in the garage and can crash into the garage door. I have to grab the liftgate, to force it to stop, before it...
1-5 of 5 Results