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  1. ID.4 Modifications
    Hiya, I didn't see a thread for this, but maybe I'm missing it somewhere else. I'm also relatively new to the forums and still learning. If I'm incorrectly posting, please let me know. I wanted to start a discussion about the Id.4 and all things surrounding updates. There's still a lot of...
  2. Volkswagen ID.4
    Hi, yesterday I got the notification of an available update. Today, the update is not displayed in the system menu (any of the 4 categories) anymore. As anybody, I’m desperately waiting for the 2.3 update. Does anywhere now how to install this update I got the notification for? regards, Erik
  3. Volkswagen ID.4
    How do you suggest ideas to VW if you do not have Facebook?
1-3 of 3 Results