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  1. Volkswagen ID.4
    Just took possession of our 23 AWD Pro S and loving it so far. We live in the Northeast US and I’d like to put winter tires on it since my wife has to commute ~ 45 miles each way to work rain, snow, or shine (she works at a hospital.. no snow days). This is my first time putting winter tires on...
  2. Want To Trade
    I'm looking to make a square setup for our ID4 using the front 20x8 wheels and 235/50/20 tires as the size all-around. So I'm looking for some one who wants to have a larger square setup (20x9 wheels shod with 255/45/20 tires) to trade with. You give me two 20x8 wheels with 235/50/20 tires...
  3. Volkswagen ID.4
    I have a 2021 ID.4 FE and now live in Minnesota. I am buying winter tires for the first time and would like to get 235/60 18” Michelin X-Ice Snow. I am having a hard time finding 18” wheels that would fit. Other threads in this site recommended American Eagle AE900, but I guess they went out of...
  4. For Sale
    Less than 500 miles on these 4 take-offs removed from my AWD Pro ID4. I put on 18" rims as this car will be in Puerto Rico where potholes are everywhere. Hankook model Kinergy AS EV, size: 235/55R19 - diameter Front | 255/50R19 - diameter Rear. Specs for Rims: Part number: 11A601025 Size: 8J...
    $1,450 USD
  5. For Sale
    Great condition 20” wheels and tires from a 2021 1st Edition ID.4. I was able to buy a set of OEM 19 wheels/tires and would like to sell this to someone that would like to upgrade. Tires are Bridgestone Alenza, have tread left, Front are 235/50r20 Rears are 255/45r20. Local Pickup only.
    $900 USD
1-5 of 5 Results