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  1. Volkswagen ID.4
    I am trying to make use of ths, but many common websites do not load. WTH? I pay money for this - it needs to work!
  2. Volkswagen ID.4
    iam facing this issue alot with my ID4 Crozz Pure plus 2021 which lead to lose connectivity on carplay sometimes its get back to normal but it might take days to solve the issue. is there any way to solve the issue ? Noting that when i try to turn on the wifi its refer me to the infotainment...
  3. Volkswagen ID.4
    I have my WiFi Hotspot enabled and pay a monthly fee to Verizon. Overall, it works fine. But there is one persistent problem: I cannot access my emails. Since about half of all my need for a Hotspot is because of email, this is a big issue for me. Does anyone else have this problem? And how may...
1-3 of 3 Results