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„Amazing” speed in Chicagoland

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So … anyone in Chicagoland have problems getting charging speed for ID4 over 60kW. Charged today at Orland Park location, 42F , started at 39-%, drove here with destination typed into vw navigation in case that would prep battery and the result? 29kW , I’m the one and only car charging here!!! What is going on? Shouldn’t they be sued for false advertising 150kW? Did anyone had even close to that ever? My highest was 90 in Hodgkins, IL and only once during my initial first charge after leaving the dealership 😂. Going on a trip to Peoria tomorrow but guess what… not risking taking my ID4 awd cause trip is 140 miles each way and the one and only charger is in Bloomington 40 miles on my way back home. After trying to charge at 2 stations today and all taken or broken I will not risk to be stuck there for hours and just take my Atlas 🙄
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Only getting in the 60kw on chargers around Chicagoland. Tried Rosemont, Old Orchard, Lincolnwood, Lake Zurich.
Drove the car until battery reached 17% . Had to do something around Old Orchard Mall again and used their charger. 32F and 104kW max speed.
So the SOC level seems really to have an impact because I got around 64kw before in same temp but higher SOC.

I think the car goes into sleep mode after 30min of inactivity.
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