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0% - 100% in just over an hour.

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Great charging test by Tom Moloughney
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But even with his pro Tesla bias, it was an overall positive piece.
Tom doesn't have a Tesla bias. He has a long history with EV's. He is currently in Germany driving BMW EV's such as the i4 and iX4 he is the only independent journalist invited by BMW due to his history with their EV's. Tom was a LEAF owner back in 2011. His perspective is pretty reliable.

His own range test is a highway specific test and he does the same test for all vehicles he tests. The EPA test has two test cycles, Tesla is one of the few manufacturers to use the extended test cycle which is favorable to them. In addition manufacturers are allowed to sandbag numbers, think Porsche. This is why Tom and others have developed their own tests to try and compare vehicles equally.
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