For sale is a set of 20" First Edition wheels and worn OEM Bridgestone tires. The tires are down to 5-6/32nds all the way around. I chose to go with 18" Neuspeed wheels so I can rotate and get a better selection of tires down the road. The wheels are in perfect condition with zero curb rash or any other defects. The tires are all functional, just not much life left in them, and they suck...

I'm assuming any potential buyer is either going to look at these to mount snow tires too, or someone who has maybe accidentally used their stock wheels as curb feelers a few times. Regardless of the interested party, I am open to reasonable offers, and I can ship them, however, I expect each wheel to cost around $85 per wheel (via UPS). Anyone not in Southern California and is interested can message me or reply for a quick shipping quote.

Rear tires measure about 5/32nds and have 12k miles one them. Front tires measure a hair above 6/32nds. Wheels are straight and true and I don't have any vibration coming through.

Center caps are included.

Depending on the agreed upon price I can meet you somewhere in SoCal to deliver the set. They only take up the hatch and one seat in the back seat.

Please see this Imgur link for all the pictures.