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The updated Golf, announced last week, will premiere in America with the 2017 Volkswagen e-Golf.

As well as updated looks and infotainment systems, the new Volkswagen e-Golf will also feature a bigger battery and an improved motor, giving it more power, speed and about 50 percent more range. Thanks to a new lithium-ion battery with 35 kwh of energy capacity – about 10 more than the outgoing e-Golf’s battery – the 2017 e-Golf will be able to travel up to 124 miles on a single charge.

That bigger battery allows for an upgraded motor, with power that jumps from 115 horsepower to 134 hp. Torque has also been boosted by 15 pound-feet to 214. Together, they get the 2017 e-Golf up to 60 mph in 9.6 seconds, a full second faster than the outgoing model.

Both the SE and SEL trims will come standard with the 7.2 kw on-board charger, allowing the 2017 e-Golf to be fully charged in less than six hours. With the optional DC Fast Charging, the battery can be charged up to 80 percent in an hour at a fast charging station.

The 2017 e-Golf will also bring with it Volkswagen’s Digital Cockpit, which replaces conventional dials in the dash with a 12.3-inch screen. All the dials are generated digitally and the dash can be made to show anything from a map to an album cover. In the center console, too, a new screen is being offered. This time it’s optional and 9.2-inch large and will have gesture controls within the next two years. The 2017 e-Golf will come with all the safety features that VW can stuff into it, like Forward Collision Warning, Autonomous Emergency Braking and more.

Expect to see it on sale in the second quarter of 2017.

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