Hi - I have a pending sale with Driveway.com for my RWD Pro S in White (it is in mint condition). (I am upgrade to an AWD Pro S that is on the lot and ready for me to pickup so I have to move quick)

I am opening up a thread here to offer up for local sale as well. I would prefer it go directly to someone who wants it vs just sitting on the secondary market. I am asking for $46,500. My pending offer from Driveway.com is for 46,803 but I could be easily convinced to ditch them but it would have to be in the next few days while they send me paperwork and I'm happy to even undercut their offer slightly to deal with a person instead of a company.

If you are interested, when you PM me we can talk about the EA plan as well.

No sales tax required here in the state of NJ as well.

If you are interested please PM me, I will happy email you/text you photos or if you're local to NJ I work from home and can easily meet up to show off the car.