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A fix for the high floor under the pedals

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One thing about electric cars and tall people that don't mix, are the high floors due to the battery. Teslas, for one, have a terrible backseat area (Model 3) because the floor is so high, pushing your knees up very high and eliminating any thigh support.

The ID.4 is so big that the front floor structure is actually quite low for an EV, but I noticed that Volkswagen put a styrofoam block under the pedals. With my long legs (6'4") this makes for a very awkward, unstable driving position since my thighs don't rest on the seat when my heels are so high. Why did they have to do this???

I took it upon myself to pull up the carpet and remove this styrofoam block to modify it so the carpet sits lower, with fantastic results. Now, the balls of my feet are pushing on the pedals instead of my arches. I'm only a size 12, so not freakishly large feet, and this was still a problem. The car is much more comfortable now and I don't feel like my legs are sticking out straight in front of me anymore.




There is a little slack in the carpet now, but it is settling down to the metal floor and does not feel "baggy" anymore. It feels like I'm driving a gas car now from a cabin comfort perspective, which is the only thing I miss about them! All I had to do was unbolt the front seat and tilt it back to get enough room under the carpet to pull the foam out. Hope this helps a fellow tall-person in need.

(Also for anyone interested,I think the 4-wire trailer brake harness is visible in my first photo, it is just sitting under the door sill plastic, easily accessible)
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If I had to guess, that foam block is there to quell NVH. Interesting that you noted a sort of odd pedal box. I’m quite a bit shorter than you, but have size 13 feet (I swear, my DNA got confused) and noticed nothing weird about my foot in relation to the pedals. I know this sounds dumb, but did you adjust the seat backwards so your legs weren’t at an awkward angle? The ID.4 seems to have a fair amount of seat travel.
Definitely for NVH - the block is also required to form the dead pedal, so it's certainly something that needs to be there. The carpet insulation thickness was also very impressive, I'm not surprised why this car is so quiet.

Yup, I even tried a few different pairs of shoes with rounded heels (not pointy like a running shoe) and still felt like my foot was very high on the pedals. Maybe your foot sits further back from the pedals, whereas mine are closer because I might sit closer to the wheel? (I would love it if the wheel came out further) I think I must have really long legs for my height, and tall + large feet makes the problem appear.
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Yup. If I had to describe how it felt to me, it felt like I was driving with a 1" styrofoam block under my feet. :) Sure enough....
So what does the dead pedal look like now? Did you consider leaving the vertical (slanted) portion and just removing the horizontal floor portion (is it made in two pieces or did it break during your removal) since that's where you get the extra space?
Oh yeah - the vertical portion went back in, but I did not replace the floor section of styrofoam. So the pedalbox and dead pedal feel the same. I cut the large piece carefully in two with a box cutter.
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