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I can not get my EA account on Google Pay so I can use my phone's NFC to start charging. Do I need to use some other wallet app to do this?
You don't need to do this. EA chargers have TWO NFC pads. One on the credit card reader, and if you hold your phone up to that, the phone will try and use Google Pay.

The second pad is usually next to the credit card reader - a black or grey square, usually with a NFC icon on it. If you use this one with your phone, then the EA app is used to start charging. This is what it looks like on an ABB charger (where I would argue that the placement is horrible as it is hard to see if you are standing in front of the screen):


You might need to unlock the screen on your phone before this works - I don't remember.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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