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Adding More Sirius XM Radio Stations?

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I took my Pro S in for service a couple of days ago and was provided with a loaner Tiguan from the dealership. I was surprised to see that the car had Sirius XM radio stations I've never seen in the ID4, such as Alt Nation (which is more up my alley).

Is there a way to add or remove certain Sirius stations?
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Btw: does anyone know how long the introductory SiriusXM subscription runs?
Mine is now showing “unavailable” at a week or so before my 5 months since delivery.
If it’s 3 months then I got more than I deserve. But if six months I’m lacking.
I don’t intend to subscribe anyway as my typical backroad drives are heavily forested and I get skips as a result of signal blockage; prior vehicles as well.
So, just curious. TIA
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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