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Advice for prolonged period without driving

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I’m planning to be abroad for 5 weeks and am looking for advice on what to do with my ID.4 FE. Is it best to keep it plugged in? Are there any concerns w 12V battery discharge? Do I need to ask somebody to periodically drive the car?
Any advice or experience appreciated!
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Is it best to keep it plugged in? Are there any concerns w 12V battery discharge?
It's best to keep the vehicle stored at 50% battery. Plugging it in would prevent the battery from heating up or cooling down too much while gone. There are concerns with the 12v battery discharging.

The best way to address these factors is probably to leave it plugged in with a maximum charge rate set to 50%.
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For anything over a month I would at least use a Battery Tender on the 12VDC battery.

ExCivilian's main battery advice seems prudent as well however, which will of course also integrally maintain the 12VDC.

You may want to add just a bit more air to the tires too as they are constantly outgassing a bit (unless filled with larger molecule pure nitrogen).

Otherwise long term storage in a pure EV is far less complex than an ICE vehicle.

Oh yeah, mice love all vehicles. Sound/heat/firewall insulation for nests and wire insulation chewing to manage their teeth. More so in Winter when local cats are taking a break. I've used an under-hood sonic deterrent on vehicles stored outside to good effect. Likely not an OP concern but thought I'd mention as I've been a victim of same. 😣
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