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Has anyone else attempted this disastrous combo of apps with the ID.4? Bought my car Monday, and from day one, issues playing songs.

I have an iPhone 12 running the latest of iOS 14, with latest version of Amazon music (yes, I’m one of 7 ppl who use this service). I can select artists menu, select by first letter, but when I select an artist, all hell breaks loose. It may or may not load, or it make take upwards of a minute. It may crash all together and put me back at the main menu. It may start playing a random song no one asked for. All in all, it’s random if it works, and I expected better from this system.
It happens even when I’m hard-wired in. I verified that I’m not connected via Bluetooth. I tried with WiFi off and not connected to the car (only hardwired).
Has anyone else experienced this? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a work around?

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I cannot fully help you here, but in my mind this is squarely a shortcoming in the Amazon Music app’s support (or lack thereof) of Car Play. Spotify, for example, works great in the same situation.
So, I’d start looking for settings in Amazon Music, scour its help pages and possibly forums, complain to Amazon, and continue from there.
Back when I bought albums on Amazon, I bypassed their app and downloaded into iTunes (now Apple Music). This is still a possible workaround I believe.
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