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Amazon Music + Apple CarPlay = Garbage

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Has anyone else attempted this disastrous combo of apps with the ID.4? Bought my car Monday, and from day one, issues playing songs.

I have an iPhone 12 running the latest of iOS 14, with latest version of Amazon music (yes, I’m one of 7 ppl who use this service). I can select artists menu, select by first letter, but when I select an artist, all hell breaks loose. It may or may not load, or it make take upwards of a minute. It may crash all together and put me back at the main menu. It may start playing a random song no one asked for. All in all, it’s random if it works, and I expected better from this system.
It happens even when I’m hard-wired in. I verified that I’m not connected via Bluetooth. I tried with WiFi off and not connected to the car (only hardwired).
Has anyone else experienced this? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a work around?
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Having same problems with Apple Music with my id4. VW needs to get it together.
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