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Android 12, Android Auto and ID.4

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The Good News: ID.4 Works with Android Auto on the new Android 12 Operating System.
Not so good news: Had to delete the phone from the ID.4 and re-pair the phone.

After upgrading from Android 11 to Android 12, Android Auto would no longer connect and timed out on the ID.4 waiting for authorization on the phone. The phone was waiting on the ID.4.

After deleting the phone and repairing I found I needed to view recent calls to force the phone and car to talk with each other. Then Android Auto connected just fine.
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I have a Pixel 4a with Android 12, update to Mar 5. Most of the time, And-Auto connects automatically, but some times, will NOT connect, both with/without wire connection.
No reason for the non-connects.
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