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Android Auto Lags Significantly

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Does anyone have this issue? I have a 2022 ID.4 Pro S. When i try to move the map or scroll around, it takes about a second before it does what i tell it to do, also scrolling menus like for podcasts. I don't have this issue on any of my other android auto capable vehicles. Phone is a relatively new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

When I'm scrolling through non Android auto it is smooth as butter, including the built-in navigation
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Use wired connection not wireless AA and you will be OK. You will need good quality cable also.
Note that recent versions of AA have removed the option to disable wireless Android form the main settings screen, you must enable developer options to disable it now :(
This person's video shows about what I experience testing with an S21. I do notice that it is ever so slightly laggier when on wireless versus wired, but in either case it still seems much laggier than I've seen on other cars in the past.
I have a '23 and experience lag with the VW app UI as well as lag within Android Auto (wired and wireless) that is significantly worse than the 3 year old Sony Android Auto head unit I installed in my wife's car. The UI performance is truly bad and potentially dangerous.
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