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Android auto workflow

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I have never been able to consistently make Android auto work. I connect it using the cable. Running android 10 on one plus 6t. Can someone here walk me through the process. Do you start the Android auto on the phone first and then go to head unit ?
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I've been using AA via USB on another car since Android 9, maybe even 8. I've never had to launch the app or do anything in the car; upon plugging in, everything started automatically.

The only time I had an issue it turns out I had a little fluff of pocket lint stranded in the USB port. Picking it clean with a sewing needle solved that.

I've only used the wireless AA connection on the ID.4. Same startup though: I power up the car and it starts automatically.

I can't imagine your One Plus is any different. Sounds like a cable or port problem, assuming you've successfully completed initial setup, which only needs to be done the one time.
That's a relief. I thought the days of subpar USB C cables was long behind us?! This is supposed to be the "do everything" standard.

BTW I read the standard has been updated to include charging up to 240W. That's a lot of juice for a tiny cable! Pretty soon we'll be powering our cars from our phone battery via USB C! 😜
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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