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An official confirmation that the Volkswagen Microbus is returning will be made next year.

The German automaker is expected to unveil an updated version of its Microbus camper van concept at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, ahead of an official announcement that the iconic van will return to the lineup. The concept will be a close preview to the production Microbus that will be produced at Volkswagen’s Puebla factory in Mexico starting 2017. As previously reported, the new Microbus will feature a newly developed electric drivetrain with an estimated range of 250 to 310 miles. Volkswagen will also offer versions with conventional four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline or diesel engines.

The Microbus will be smaller in size compared to the latest Multivan and will resemble the 2011 Bulli concept seen above. The reintroduction of the model is part of the German automaker’s plan for a broader commercial vehicle strategy that aims to boost sales in the U.S.

Earlier this year, Volkswagen’s development chief Hans-Jakob Neusser confirmed that engineers and designers were working on a new Camper van concept that has a small electric motor driving the front wheels and battery packs stored under the floor.

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