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Apple CarPlay or Android Auto malfunction

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I cannot connect wirelessly either CarPlay or Android Auto. The phone can only connect through regular Bluetooth connection. I'm sure my phones aren't the issue since they can connect to other ID4.

Could you help me to check if your "App Connect" --> "Car Play or Android Auto" --> if the Bluetooth status is ON?

I cannot get this option to turn on. Thank you.
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please reboot your infotainment system, by holding it's powerbutton (next to the volume controls) for about 10 seconds.
Same here. I reset the infotainment still no connection via wireless CarPlay. Even if I do have connection there’s no Audio. What’s going on?

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Tried the reset before my post. But the 10 second hold seems to be a soft reset. Maybe a hard reset could re-initiate the wireless module? I think the Wi-Fi module maybe the gating.
Bought a new Pro Plus and it will not pair with my phone for wireless apple car play. Was in the shop for two days and they still do not know what to do.
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