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Are chargers in office parking lots "public"?

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Hi all. I've pre-ordered an ID.4, and am eagerly awaiting my first EV. My company has had us working from home during COVID, so I haven't been to the office in almost a year. It turns out, though, that we're moving to a new office building in April. I did a drive by of the new building today and it has six Chargepoint chargers (Level 2) that are free for employees and customers. This excited me quite a bit, as I can charge at work and minimize my fuel expenses even more!

When I got home I looked at the Chargepoint map, as well as plugshare, and the chargers were not listed either place. Is this because they're considered "private", or is it because they're relatively new and haven't been listed in the system yet?

If it's a dumb question I apologize. I'm very new to the EV world and just learning more about public charging and the rules and etiquette surrounding it. It doesn't help that my state isn't super-EV friendly, so we don't have chargers on every corner. Yet.
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My company has installed a couple at one of our offices, they have been in service for over a year now and do not show on the map. I suspect that owner/operators have the choice of whether the EVSE devices are listed.
I suppose there could be a whole "Hidden EVSE" network out there.
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