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Are there 4G dead spots?

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We took our ID.4 on a 3.5 hour roadtrip this week. About 2.5 hours into the trip I noticed that the 4G bars and symbol switched to a globe outline (was driving, so no photo), then the globe also went away completely. While we drove through some remote areas, we ended up at a major tourist area, so not off the grid or anything. Cell service worked fine.
The 4G (and Car Net) remained gone for the rest of our trip. We got home yesterday and I was prepared to call the dealership this morning but now the 4G is back on and Car Net is working again.
Coincidence? Or are there dead spots in the network that could explain this/we should anticipate?
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Yeah, in rural and/or mountainous areas there are definitely dead zones. The locations vary depending on the carrier. There are dead zones when we travel west heading back to DC, and it sometimes seems like the entire state of West Virginia is a dead zone.

To me this is one of the flaws with using Google/Apple for maps. Having something builtin gives you navigation capability that isn't tied to cell signal.
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With google maps I avoid that problem by choosing the 'Download for offline use' button that appears once you have a route's directions shown. Then its not tied to cell signal anymore.
Yeah, you can do that, but that's an extra step you need to remember to take while you are still in a region with good cell coverage. And the maps do expire from time to time.
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