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Audi sells less than 1k BEVs in US

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This is VW adjacent, so hopefully, everyone is cool with that. :) Know there is a fair amount of discussion here about Audi's as well.

My local dealer has told me that there will only be 400 Q4's that make it to the US this year, and that they are not currently able to order anything. Those 400 will be built by Audi to whatever spec that decides to ship into the country apparently.

Audi Sold 20,000 BEVs In Q3 2021, But Less Than 1,000 In The U.S. (
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I contacted my sales guy at the Audi dealer to inquire about the upcoming Q4 e-tron for my wife. We already have an iD.4 and she likes it enough, but wants more luxury in her next car. He told me that have 90 pre-orders already and each one has put down a $1000 deposit. I trust him as I have bought several cars from him over the past decade. They expect their dealership demo to arrive around Thanksgiving and we want to touch and feel the interior of the car before down a deposit.

So we won't be getting a Q4 this year, might even be a 6 month or longer wait if the interest shown exceeds Audi's availability to supply cars to the US market.
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