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Auto lock feature when driving

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Hi All, recently took delivery of a new UK First Edition ID4 and cannot find how to permenantly disable the auto-lock feature that locks the doors from the inside whilst driving, we can manually press the padlock button on the drivers side armrest panel but it comes back on shortly after?

Thanks in advance.



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Have same problem and cannot disable this "lock doors when exceeding certain speed" function via Comfort/ central lock in settings menu. Asked my dealer and they found it strange that this locking function suddenly not could be disabled in ID4 when it has been available in almost all VW cars so far.
Yeah, it can’t be disabled. Neither can the auto headlights. Only option would be to convince VW to push a change in a future software update.
Obdeleven may be able to help, see here's from id.3
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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