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AWD range implication per ID.4 specs in China

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Hello guys.
First post here. I test drove the ID.4 1st edition (a dedicated demo our local dealer had) and placed a reservation for an AWD Pro S on the US website. While waiting, I've been trying to get more details about the AWD model. This is what I found per 1 of the 2 factories in China making the ID.4s. BTW, they have 2 ID.4s there, one named ID.4 X, which has slightly different front and rear designs and it is also where I got my information, while the other named ID.4 Crozz, which is styled the same as the rest of the world.
Compared to the RWD model, AWD model
  • Weighs 130kg (287 lbs) more
  • Has 53% more power and 48% more torque with the addition of the front motor
  • Has 6.3% less range (520KM vs 555KM of the RWD, NEDC test standard)
I think the 520KM NEDC range is still a manufacturer estimate as AWD is still not officially certified in China (despite the specs on the websites) but it is a good implication that the US EPA range could be around 234mile for AWD model with 20inch wheels.
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Similarly, the Audi Q4 quattro has a 6% lower WLTP range than the RWD version.
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