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Bjorn posted his banana box test:

The ID.4 did even better than I'd thought! It fits more boxes in than any EV that's not a cargo van (or a 5 or 7 seat Model X).
The ID.4 fits 9 boxes in the trunk with the rear seats up, and 25 in with them down. The Audi e-Tron (which feels very large) fit 8 and 23 boxes, respectively. I'm coming from a Nissan Leaf, which fits 7 and 21 boxes, so packing is going to feel a lot easier. The Mach-e fits 8 in the back plus 1 in the frunk, and 23 if you use all of the space.

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Thanks for the video, impressive cargo capability. Two questions - how many bananas does Bjorn eat and how does he not know what the tow eye is?
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