I quickly realized that it was going to be a pain to plug in my OBD2 module each time I wanted to use it with ABRP, so after flurry of caliper work I came up with a bracket to make it easy to reach the module to unplug it. I ordered an OBD2 extension cable I saw here on the forums and designed a sturdy bracket to make it easy to reach the Veepeak or whatever other OBD2 module you use. Early in the process it occurred to me that simply having a power switch would be a nice option, so I created a bracket for that too. These brackets are sized to fit the bbfly-A6 (OBD2 cable with switch) and bbfly-A9 (OBD2 splitter with cable extension) that are currently Amazon Choice listings on Amazon and mount them securely under your dash.

There is a sturdy brace in the ID.4 that I'm using for a secure footing as shown below. You'll need a T20 driver for that screw.

Purple Violet Font Material property Rectangle

Each bracket grabs that brace hugging it on both the top and the bottom:

Wood Flooring Floor Gas Automotive tire
Wood Flooring Wood stain Hardwood Rectangle

Either option is easy to access once installed:
Vehicle Automotive tire Car Automotive design Automotive exterior
Hood Automotive design Bag Luggage and bags Automotive exterior

Automotive tire Automotive design Automotive exterior Tints and shades Rim

Hood Luggage and bags Bag Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Check out my Etsy shop for all the details including short videos for each one. Here are the new listings for the brackets:

OBD2 Extension Cable Bracket
OBD2 Switch Cable Bracket

And here are the other ID.4 items that I've designed:

Cubby Shelf With Cable Organizers
MagSafe iPhone Mount
Pedestal for 3rd Party Magnetic Phone Mounts
Panel Cover With Storage for the Tailgate Hole
Missing Safety Triangle Cover for the Tailgate
Backup Camera Hood
(Or if you have a 3D printer, you can print that one yourself with this STL file.)