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US people can see all price hike on their account but as we Canadians order it through dealer, we have to rely on them for any information. As already expected Canadian ID4 price hiked by 2050CAD on ID4 Pro AWD
Font Publication Automotive tire Rim Number

Last month when I contacted my dealer they told me they can see my commission number, so finally I asked for that number and they gave me this copy.

I have not shared other info on this picture, yes, it has commission number for the car but no VIN, no expected production date or shipping date etc. Everything is TBA

Most important thing, I can now see price hiked to 52045 from 49995.

I am not able to believe but my dealer still says my price will stay what they filled the order at but if you see top line of this document it clearly states it may change and I think it will, if it does not than we are at luck.
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