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Cannot register for Electrify America - Solved!

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In the few weeks I have owned my ID4 I’ve been looking forward to using the free charging from Electrify America. Problem is, every time I’ve tried to sign up for an account I’ve been stymied by this message:

“There was an error submitting your details. Please try again later.”

Not a word about what is wrong, how to fix it or how to proceed, breaking the first law of interface writing: never leave the user without options.

of course I’ve tried many times using different legal passwords. I’ve called EA twice. They were stumped and promised to contact “the engineers” who would call me back with a solution. I never heard a word. Then the Sales Manager at my dealership spent over an hour on the phone with exactly the same result. Not a word. EA gave him a phone number for me to call to get free charging until such time as they could get me signed up. Tell me: would you go on a trip with such an assurance?

Has anyone encountered this problem and what did you do?
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Have you opened a case with VW Customer Care?
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Now That EA tells me I’m signed up correctly, I’ll have to see if I can actually charge.
Glad to hear that! Good luck with the charge
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