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Car internet

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Hello all! Does anyone have any idea how to connect to the car internet? I see it on the wifi but it requires a password. I have no idea what it is and we never went through it at the dealer.

thanks in advance
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There are two wifi connections. One allows the user to make up the connection name and make a password — this is the Hotspot. The other is used for wireless Android Auto and as far as I can tell we can't play with that, the Bluetooth connection handles the wifi connection in the background.
Thank you for the response. How do I go about creating the connection name and password? Apologize for my ignorance.
You may be referring to the wifi connection to your in-house Internet. Use your connection credentials you used to connect your phone and laptops.
I don't recall step by step, it's been a while, but I recall it was in the settings menu and fairly apparent. But I found the other wifi first and wasted a bit of time before being out and finding the hotspot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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