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Car no longer has cell service

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so my car was recently in a wreck. Body shop replaced the front bumper and sensors. Brought it to the dealership to get “re calibrated” and then the car lost cell service and car-net connection. I brought it in, the tech came out and showed me that the voice recognition. Is working, I showed him that the cell service indicator on the infotainment screen is missing and I opened my car net app showed him it hasn’t updated since the calibration. He said there was a blown fuse when they brought it in.. whatever that means, but that I might need to call car net.. but I was like either way, the car isn’t showing there’s any cellular connection.
Is there something that I might tell them to check for the cell connection? @VW TECHNICIAN maybe you could suggest what to say?
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You signed up for the cell service? Or . . . maybe your complimentary trial expired about the same time as your wreck?

Don't you think that DustID is talking about the 4G service provided by VW, which is totally separate and has nothing to do with the optional Verizon service? I never signed on for Verizon internet, but the 4G continues going on 5 months since delivery.
I am indeed talking about the service provided by VW, specifically car-net hasn’t updated since the “calibration”. It’s odd that the voice commands are working but now car net still isn’t working. For example I had it push notify when climate started/stopped same with charging. But none of the services work any longer.
Well your situation is indeed odd. I never signed up for the optional internet service, which expired after the trial period. However, my Car-Net continues to work. As I understand it, it's entirely separate from the internet option. The Car-Net option is included in the ID.4 purchase, at least for my FE, for the initial 5 years after delivery.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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