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Charge Loss While Unplugged

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I don't think any data on this has been posted yet so I thought I would throw some numbers out. I had to leave my ID.4 last week for 8 whole days (the withdrawal symptoms were tough) and decided to check on what the loss of charge would be. I left the car unplugged and in an enclosed, dark, non-conditioned garage in Central Florida. I don't know the temps inside but I would figure in the mid-80s in the day and mid 70s at night. Here is what I found:

7 June 1530 - 66% - Start
8 June 1200 - 65%
9 June 0800 - 64%
15 June 1911 - 57% - End

so about 9% over 8 days, or as a possible rule of thumb 1% per day. The reason for the gap in data is that CarNet stopped updating at 0800 on the 9th, and I didn't want to force the A/C on and mess up the data just to get it to respond. I am thinking that after a couple of days the car goes into a deep sleep and CarNet goes offline unless you force a command. That will be the next test one day.
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Interesting. That seems significantly higher than I would have expected.

@ID.Furkan did a video on this:
He was only losing ~0.1% a day (0.4% loss in 88 hours total), significantly less than you lost. I wonder why the results are so different?
Well, from memory, he also mentioned that there are ID4s with a bug where the main computer thingy doesn't go to sleep and that caused the car to loose about 1% a day or something.
so it sounds like this is one of those cars.
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