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Charging 101 for a first timer EV owner

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Just joined the community today, and I have been reading up on some treads about charging, however, I have some additional questions:

1) Fast charging like with Electrify America is not good for battery life if constantly charging with DC as it degrades the batteries' life, but does it help slow this process down if you put the car into "Reduce AC current" from the infotainment system? I did this today at an EA station that support 150kwh and with this option set, at 42% SoC, the current speed was at 68kw.

2) Assuming that my car is 80% SoC at the start of my day and ending at 70% SoC, is it always good to charge back to 80% daily or let it dip to say about 40% SoC from a couple of days driving then charge it? Does choosing one over the other have any benefit to protecting the battery for it to last longer?

This is probably the biggest concern that I have as an EV owner as I have experience this with phone's batteries going bad after a couple of years. Just wanted to hear opinions from long-term EV drivers.

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First Post - New AWD Pro owner:

Went to Electrify America station today in Marlboro MA and couldn't get the charger to start, it asked me to disconnect and I couldn't do that either. I called EA and got a very quick and helpful response. They had me press the lock button and then the unlock button 3 times, I was then able to disconnect. They had me "hang up" the cord, then walked me through starting a new charging session on my phone first (ignore the big screen that says plug in first). They told me the "pump number" was printed at the top of the charger after the dash (very useful information). Once that was done I plugged in and charging went very well with no other problems. Charged from 44% to 100% in 58 minutes. Planning a 200 mile trip with weekend with no additional charging.
First, congrats on your AWD 😎.
Charging is gettin easier. Back in March, I ended calling EA for my first 4 charges, you'll learn the unlock and charge process quickly.
There's an easier way to charge, use the EA app in CarPlay for Apple and Android. I don't know what it's called in Android 😁.
Soon you'll be at Charging 202 😉.
Check here and YouTube for all kinds info.
I suggest that you check other charging facts here before leaving your ID4 at 100%.
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