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Charging in snow?

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Has anybody had experience charging at home (L2) in cold/snowy climates? My AWD ID.4 should arrive next month (fingers crossed...), the charger's getting installed soon, and I'm wondering whether heavy snow, wet snow, frozen rain, etc., can cause problems for the charging port if it's left plugged in overnight and outdoors. Does anybody have experience with this, and suggestions on possible fixes? My home/commute situation means that there will likely be multiple occasions I'll have to have it charging while it's snowy outside—is this a non-issue, or do I need to cover it with a plastic bag or something?
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Related, one of the primary current complaints against the Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell vehicle is that the natural freezing caused by refueling liquid->gas hydrogen often locks up the supply plug-socket. 🤷‍♂️
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