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Hello Everyone,

I placed an order for a Pro S model unit not to long ago (step 1). Yesterday I was visiting my dealer for service (Brunswick Auto Mart) on my current car and my sales consultant mentioned that they had 4 ID.4s available now if I was interested. They are all 1st Editions. I told him that I did not like the white trim. He explained to me that the 1st Edition was like the Pro S I ordered + the gradient package. Since I thought this was a better value, I leased a blue FE.

I want to say the process could not have been simpler. Bob Boylan, John Sugar, and Ryan in finance were amazing to work with. My credit is fair, not great. I was expecting to pay a bit more because of that. That is NOT what happened. Ryan called VW and got a tier bump for me so I could be at the base rate. There really was no haggle on the price of the car, but they did surprise me with my trade number. It was much higher than I thought it would be. This was one of the most painless and easy purchases I have had. The delivery was phenomenal. They currently have 2-3 other ID.4 FEs available right now! They have a blue one, white one, and a black one (may be their demo). If you live in Northern Ohio or are willing to drive to the dealership, you will not be disappointed.

Available ID.4s at Brunswick Auto Mart
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