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Comparing the stock tires on Pro versus FE

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Here are the 2 brands reported for stock tires to compare ratings. They are both the same very high rating on UTQG: 500AA: this means the best traction, temperature rating you can get - AA. They are not the highest treadwear you can get, but better than average. Also, you cannot compare the treadwear (500) between brands reliably since tire manufacturers extrapolate their raw wear data when they are assigning Treadwear Grades, and their grades can to some extent reflect how conservative or optimistic their marketing department is.
FE: Bridgestone Alenza Sport AS
Pro: Hankook Kinergy AS EV

I found an interesting article about the Hankook being specially designed for EVs using Aramid belts 5x stronger than steel, and conifer and vegetable resin for better traction:
Hankook Kinergy AS EV Tires Help Electric Cars be Better

Here is a link to compare all the 19" tires that fit on Tirerack.
Here are all the 20" tires that fit at tirerack
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Don't know if anyone studied the pictures being posted of non-FE vehicles arriving at dealerships but a Pro came in with Hankook Kinergy AS X EV and then a Pro S with a Bridgestone Alenza but can't see the specific Alenza model. Both are the 19" wheels.
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