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John McElroy from Autoline cites a recent WSJ article quoting Conoco Phillips CEO Ryan Lance saying the days of easy fracking are over, the US's days as a net energy exporter are coming to a close, and with China making inroads with OPEC nations, now more than ever EVs are critical to North American and European economies.

If you've got six minutes (or three on 2x speed) it's worth a watch.

Why EVs are More Important Than They Were Two Weeks Ago

John's take was in pretty stark contrast to a downbeat Autoline After Hours podcast from a few days ago where the panel (minus John) took a step back on EV's advancement. But I think what connects these two narratives is consumer sentiment, driven (as always) by fuel prices.

While I'm at it here's John talking to Sandy Munro and Cory Steuben just a few days ago, this time the focus on heavily on Tesla's latest engineering, which translates to affordable EVs for the masses.

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