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Has anyone else looked into modifying the non-illuminated logo in front to make it illuminate? This has been my obsession in the last 24 hours. I'm thinking it's pretty easily doable, but it requires a leap of faith I'm not yet ready to take. I need to determine what's "structural" and how to mount and connect a light source. I'm not finding a good light to mount - the logo is 6" in diameter, although the light probably doesn't need to be that big.

Does anyone with an illuminated logo care to post pics of their setup, so I can have a better "destination" in mind?

The front logo pops out quite easily - push down the locking tab on the top two connectors & it pops right out the front.

Front View - I'm assuming the 3 holes hold the factory-installed light.

Here's the leap of faith I'm not quite yet ready for - removing the logo so the light can shine thru. The white tabs sticking thru hold the white front in place, so you have to be strategic in that you have to remove enough so the light shines thru but not so much that the white logo falls off or vibrates.

All sorts of fun. Anyone else have thoughts or input on this?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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