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Crossing the country in ID.4 - effortless

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Reminds me of a Wheeler Dealer episode where Mike Brewer complained that "American electrics are rubbish." Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!! Although based on the early C4 'Vette he and Edd were working deservedly so, but certainly not in aggregate.

Yet they worked on a Spitfire with a host of issues and never mentioned the Prince of Darkness. 🤷‍♂️ Of course he quickly changed his tune when he moved the show to SoCal, as he realized which side his bread was buttered.

My own related experience was helping to change out a troubled MGA wiring harness with a far superior American aftermarket modern. Have also had to partial rework "electrics" on a TR6.
Spitfires were the worst - The QC inspector in our Electronics Installation Agency (formerly GEEIA) had one and he had an 'unusual' start-up procedure. After he started the car, he would pop the bonnet and take a ball peen hammer from under the seat and hit the top of the alternator with it . . . . twice - That would make the Red Charge Light on the dash go out. Then close the bonnet and drive away. I told him he was the QC inspector for an Electronics Outfit, so he really should get that fixed - It's embarrassing!

He said, Are you crazy??? I drive a British Sportscar with Lucas electrics that has only one flaw . . . . and I know how to work around it - If I 'fixed' that one flaw, the damned thing would likely never run again!!

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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