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I noted some discussion around dealer fees a couple months ago, and as I needed to transfer my 1st reservation to a different dealer (using the chat function in the reservation/owners area), I thought I would take the opportunity to call the dealer and ask.

So, for VW of Rochester (NH), they stated the following:
$369 as true "dealer fees"
$40 for state inspection
$27 for title

Much better than the speculation I saw (so I happily transferred my reservation), but of course only one data point. Of note, the VW chat person couldn't tell me anything about dealers fees when I asked - no range, not even whether they could differ by hundreds or thousands, so, as always, YMMV!

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...perhaps they omitted the "destination fee" ($1,195) as seen here...
Then some of these options also:
Market Delivery Options (MDO):
CXE VW Care $50
AID First Aid Kit - $35
IRK EV Roadside Assistance Kit - $85
IRK Combo assistance AID+IRK $99
IBB Splash Guards - $220
IBR Roof Rack - $365
ILN Luggage Net (for cargo area) $100
IMK Rubber Mats Kit w/ VW CarGo Blocks $235
IRV Rearview Mirror w/ HomeLink® $325
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