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My local dealer has 6 of 8 units (2022) showing available to reserve vs sale pending. Shockingly last week I had a cold call from different dealer that sold me my E-Golf back in 3/2020 to see if I was interested in trading it in for an ID.4 - guess the bubble is bursting on the used/new car market. Told them I was not interested and to check back in with me in the new year - they were disinterested 6 months ago while they were chasing crazy markups so I am disinterested now. :LOL:
Well got ANOTHER call today from same dealer in san diego, another cancellation. Seems like deliveries are picking up now or they just had a major drop .
I am getting texts from dealers now with cancellations…only one dealer so far who isn’t charging markups on cancellations.
1 - 1 of 332 Posts